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First National  Invest offers investment portfolios designed by the experts at LEDFC and customized by you. Start investing with as little as $5—and let 1st National Invest help you reach your goals

What are you investing for ?

What is 1st National Investment

  1. Portfolios built by LEDFC experts.
  2. The ability to customize your investment: Choose a portfolio theme to align with your priorities.
  3. Proprietary technology that triggers rebalancing when needed. Once triggered, our team reviews and initiates rebalancing, so you don’t have to.

How does it work?

Our LEDFC professionals select ETFs and build portfolios

Extensive research and analysis help us find the ETFs we think are best suited for our portfolio themes.


Tell Us About Yourself

Answer a few questions about your risk tolerance and timeline to identify your investment profile.

Put your money to work-without the hard work

We’ll monitor your portfolio daily and rebalance your account when needed, for example if the market changes or if you add or withdraw money.